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Scott Muss

Scott Muss

Partner and Wealth Advisor

1) Hometown: I’m a lifelong Louisville resident.

2) Education: After going through catholic grade school (St. Paul) and high school (Holy Cross), I graduated, cum laude, from Bellarmine University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration.

3) First Job: Like many others in my generation, sorting packages at UPS.

4) Family and Personal Life: I am the only child of two great parents.  We’re still very close and I’ll never stray too far away from them.  My wife, Sherri is also from Louisville and grew up with her parents, two sisters and a brother.  Sherri and I have three children:  Megan (the adventurer), Nolan (the quiet one) and Camryn (the competitive one).  We’re proud of them for so many reasons, but mostly because they’re all big hearted.  Since the kids take care of themselves (mostly), we spend spare time traveling and attending sporting events. 

5) Why did you become a Financial Advisor: While at Bellarmine, I delivered oxygen for a home health care company.  Since I visited the same patients every week, I became very close to many of them.  Although I never felt like I was helping them very much, they were always so thankful that I took a few minutes to talk.  At some point, I realized that most of the “wish I woulda” stories that they told involved money.  That realization led me to find a career where I can be a sounding board/ second opinion to people that I care about.  Ultimately, I wanted to help others live with fewer regrets.

6) Most Profound client experience:  I’m not sure that I have one that I can point to as the most profound.  I’m very aware of the fact that most clients tell me things about their financial lives that no one else knows.  It really is an honor when someone trusts me enough to let me dive into their lives and get to understand their goals and dreams.  That’s why there’s not a better feeling than when I can tell someone “you have the green light to retire whenever you wish.”

7) What do clients need to know about Limestone WM:  It’s important to understand that we’re independent financial advisors.  Being independent allows us to be very selective in the financial products/solutions we recommend for each client.  Our only agenda is to help clients succeed in whatever they want to accomplish. 

8) Best Business Advice:  A plan without personal commitment is just a wish.